Greetings from snowy Tallinn! We hope that you have had a great start to 2024.


In 2024 Vabamu is looking forward to hosting engaging and thought provoking events as well as bringing together local youth with our NoVa program. We also look forward to opening our new temporary exhibition that explores Estonian citizen community initiatives in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

In this newsletter, we will tell you about our current temporary exhibition and Sõnaus, a Vabamu initiative that has succeeded in adding new words to the Estonian language. You will learn about how we have taken our successful E-Estonia exhibition on tour to be able to reach you, even if you are far away from Estonia. And as a special treat, you will have the chance to get to know our CEO Karen a little better with a start-of-the-year interview. 

Finally, we wanted to share some wonderful news with you. Late last year, Vabamu was nominated for not one, but two Estonian Museum Awards: for developing collections (digital society collection) and for developing an impactful museum. We are very thankful and honored to have received this recognition.

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Vabamu travelling exhibition


Vabamu has taken the exhibition Why Estonia? From the USSR to e-Estonia on tour to promulgate the story of Estonia’s digital society globally. The exhibiton covers the preconditons for Estonia’s rise to a leading country in E-government as well as how the digital society has changed the actvites of our state, private individuals, and entrepreneurs. These topics are presented through a playful display and eloquent stories printed on fabric panels.

The exhibition is currently on display at the VeMu museum in Toronto and will open in New York’s Estonian House in April. In early 2025, a special edition of the exhibition will open at Stanford Libraries.

If you are interested in hosting the exhibition too, please get in touch.

Read more about the travelling exhibition here

Vabamu temporary exhibition


Vabamu is currently hosting a temporary exhibition titled “Escape the Kitchen!”, that focuses on the history of Estonian feminism from 19th century till today. The exhibition lays out the stories and reconsiders the roles of many historical women who, despite having helped shape the Estonia we know today, have mostly remained unknown to the public. 

Read more about the exhibition here

Vabamu inspires the freedom to invent new words

Vabamu’s Youth Movement NoVa wrapped up the year 2023 with a word inventing initiative Sõnaus that inspired 1122 persons and 32 school groups to submit more than 3000 new words to the Estonian language. 

The words' aim was to replace direct translations or otherwise clumsy descriptions of environmental phenomena in our everyday lives. 

Read more about Sõnaus here

Meet Karen, Vabamu CEO


Karen joined Vabamu in 2019 as a COO. Two years ago she became Vabamu's CEO and she has since taken the organization to new hights by expanding our youth program NoVa and launching the Global Conversations strand. In this start of year interview Karen speaks about her Vabamu journey, hopes for the future and life outside work.

Find the interview here

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